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Includes 1 binder & CD (Feeding and dysphagia training: How can mealtime be improved?), 1 participant booklet, 1 bookmark and 1 poster (Feeding and dysphagia: A 6 step reminder)

Complete ready to use training program + 1 poster and 1 bookmark! This tool can be used to train nurses’ aides, volunteers, leisure services staff and students…anyone who is involved in helping a person with dysphagia during mealtime.

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction to dysphagia (anatomy, physiology, definitions, prevalence, nutrtional risks, treatments and consequences),
  2. Feeding techniques (mealtime preparation, positioning, stimulation & rhythm, autonomy & oral hygiene) and,
  3. Hands-on scenarios (thickened liquids, positioning, stimulation & rhythm).

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