The Association

icon_hi Greetings to everyone!

Welcome all nutritionist members of this association and all site visitors who share an interest in dysphagia.

Whether you come for your professional practice with clients or seek assistance for a family member or friend who has to live with dysphagia, this site is here for you. We hope that you will find the answers to your questions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if needed through our email address “” or by leaving a message on our voice mail. We are here to help you!

icon_nouvelles News from the association

This year has been a time of change within the Association. We welcomed a new Director and we have revised our look!

A new website and new training webinars were at the heart of our annual report.

icon_realisations Present and future goals
  • We offer new nutritional plans to better intervene with dysphagia clientele. These plans also aim toharmonize the different textures and consistencies offered in the various centers that welcome these clients and facilitate the transfer of patients from one institution to another.
  • Our President collaborates with Dietitians of Canada to develop a new online course dealing with dysphagia.
  • At last, it is always possible for all APNED members to borrow a Bostwick consistometer. This will allow you to better know the consistency of liquid served in each of your units. You will be participating in the project of standardization of textures and consistencies in the various care centers in Quebec. This tool is available for only the transportation cost to all members who will be requesting it.
icon_apporter How can you contribute to the Association?

It is evident that each nutritionist who decides to become a member is providing important and necessary support to the association. Whether you are a member or not, all ideas and useful practical tips are welcome and can help to foster the progress of dysphagia care and management. Please do not hesitate to write to us to share your experiences and research, this could help enrich our association!

Isabelle Germain, president




M. Benoit Bertrand

Mme Ghislaine Desjardins

Mme Isabelle Desjardins

Mme Josée Lamarche


Isabelle Germain, PhD(cand) MSc DtP, President

Nadia Kerbachi, DtP, Vice-president

Amélie Giroux, DtP, Secretary

Johanne Emond, DtP, Treasurer

Non-profit organization

Created in Montreal, Quebec in 2003

Brings together dietitian-nutritionists from the province of Quebec who work in different types of health care establishments

  • acute care centers,
  • long term care centers,
  • rehabilitation centers,
  • care facilities
  • private practice…

3 mandates

Share expertise

Encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences of clinical practices in the area of dysphagia
encourage continued improvement in dysphagia competencies

Act as an advocate in the discussions and position statements on aspects of dysphagia.