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How do I find a dietitian-nutritionist

Several CLSC’s (in Quebec) offer the services of a dietitian-nutritionist; you can contact your local CLSC. If necessary, since all dietitians and nutritionists are members of the Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec, you can find yours by contacting the Ordre. You can also contact us through our website information@apned.info, please indicate your city and your specific need.

My spouse had a CVA and the physician told me that he might aspirate….What does this mean?

Aspiration occurs when a liquid or solid food particle passes below the vocal cords and slides into the airways. As a result of this there is a risk of developing a lung infection, this is called aspiration pneumonia.

Since I have the tendency to choke because of my condition, multiple sclerosis, I cannot drink any non-thickened liquids. Is it still safe for me to eat ice-cream?

For the majority of people who have dysphagia with liquids, ice-cream, “jello” or gelatin based desserts, popsicles and sherbet are not recommended since they melt in the mouth and become a liquid. However, some people with dysphagia to liquids are able to safely consume these foods. I suggest that you consult your nutritionist on this subject. She/he will be able to evaluate your situation and determine whether these items are safe for you.

My mother was hospitalized following a car accident. She was intubated for a 2 week period and after that she started to choke on everything. She is eating purée and drinking thickened liquids now but she is tired of these foods and beverages….Can we be cured from dysphagia ?

Each case evolves differently. For some, evolution is favorable and swallowing mechanisms may recover completely. This is the case, for example for some people who were intubated or have had a stroke. For other chronic diseases such as dementia or a degenerative neurological disorder, it is less likely that an improvement in their ability to swallow will occur. Evaluation and monitoring of dysphagia by qualified professionals and medical specialists are in order.

I have to drink “nectar” thick liquids….can I drink vegetable juice without thickening it with a thickening agent?

No, we must thicken vegetable juice (and tomato juice ) and all fruit nectars that are found on the market ( nectars apricot, pear, peach … ) because they are not not thick enough and they will flow too quickly before you can swallow safely.

Because I have dysphagia with liquids, I need to drink nectar thick liquids. From time to time, I take a few sips of non-thickened juice. Am I putting myself at risk by doing this?

You likely are aware of the reasons for which thickened liquids were recommended to you….Each time you drink non thickened liquids, there is a risk of medical complications, this is even more likely if your oral hygiene is not impeccable. Unthickened liquids can travel into the lungs, causing aspiration pneumonia, this can happen even if you do not cough. It is recommended that you follow the advice and recommendations given to you by your nutritionist.

Can pasta be puréed?

Almost everything can be pureed very well. It’s about having a good blender or food processor and adding some liquid, cream, oil or butter or sauce to the food you want to puree to make a uniform and homogeneous texture.

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